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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 a severe weather threat doppler radar is lighting up and these storms are packing heavy rain. good evening thanks for joining us i'm iain page i'm lucy noland. we could get a whole lot of rain. the lets get to meteorologist dave warren. what do you you got. >> it might be coming down too quickly here. we are looking at flash flooding problems here north and west, just beginning. this area of heavy rain and storms will slowly start to fill in toward north and west suburbs and work their way in tonight. there is one or two strong storms one moving in berks county and other right across carbon county pushing off to the north east, and there is some hail with these storms and damaging wind gusts. you can see motion though another problem is they are getting the same type of storm over the same area.
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they are all moving over the the general area, so flooding is a big problem because you can easily see 2 inches of rain per hour with this heavy rain. one strong storm about to move across northeast extension there there is hail with this storm penny sized hail as that purple color in the radar but one or two spotty storms, lot have lightening. they are continuing to fill in and looking to the west, we will see them working their way south. this is general area we will see now but over next few hours it is filled in the south and moves right across the area, maintaining its strength. these will not weaken once that sun goes down. 7:00 o'clock tonight heavier rain right where we are seeing it now with the computer forecast, continuing to fill in and dumping rain over the same area by 11:00 things get interesting, a line begins to develop and this will be moving through the western suburbs, between about 11:00 o'clock tonight and 1:00 in the morning and then through philadelphia area by 3:00 in the morning. the lightening with this and very heavy rain. then are storms might weak when that sun going down but
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heavy rain continues. a lot keeping these storms going overnight tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning this will be pushing off coast but this is first in the series of areas of heavy rain moving through. we're in the done with this by tomorrow morning. heavier rain tonight north and west anywhere from two to 4 inches of rain causing flash flooding in these poor drainage areas. ground cannot hand that will type of rain that fast. storm impact mainly north and west is big concern tonight and then training storms, going over the same area and that dumps rain in areas that have seen a lot of rain already. so that means flash flooding flash flood watches and a few warnings in effect across carbon and monroe county and after 2:00 in the morning but then is there more heavy rain in the forecast, all because the focus of this rain is in this front here which is slowly, ago south and it is closer to philadelphia tomorrow temperatures are still in the 80's but that heavy rain might go right over i9 56789 i will track that and show you when it clears out in the seven day forecast,
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coming up later. >> we will talk to you then, dave. developing story, right now, remember beau biden. it is a somber scene at delaware church the biden family attended for years. congregation paid tribute this morning, as they lost his life to brain cancer last night. beau biden is oldest son of the vice-president joe biden. he lost his cancer fight less than two years ago have after doctors, diagnosed him. by he even was 46 years old. those who knew him and public they served are still trying to deal with the sudden news. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in wilmington delaware tonight, dave? >> reporter: the death of beau biden is sending shock waves throughout this small state. i spoke with governor jack markell, and he says hand down beau biden was the the state's most popular political figure. >> beau was an extraordinarily, wonderful human being.
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he was he was easy to talk to. he was respectful to everybody. >> reporter: delaware governor jack markell remembers his former collogue and attorney general beau biden as a tireless advocate for victims of crime. he said beau biden kept the first state first in his heart even in his final days before dying to brain cancer saturday at just 46 years old. >> he brought the an incredible passion to the issue of protecting children, including protecting children from predators. it the is really one of the reasons why he ran for attorney general in the first place and something he focused on every day as attorney general and he leaves behind, a really remarkable legacy. >> reporter: born joseph biden the third beau was eldest son of vice-president joe biden and planning a 2016 run to be the state's next leader. >> he was the in most popular elected official in the state and he earned that. it wasn't handed to him. he made that happen, day by day by doing a good job at work and by connect to go
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people. >> reporter: vice-president biden's family released news sat the day in a statement saying quote beau biden was quite simply the the finest man any of us have ever known. >> he was a great person, great father, great politician, and i think valerie needed him right now. >> reporter: bow biden was a solder serving as major in the delaware national guard and joined a law firm shortly after leaving the ag's office. was considered a rising star nationally but sidelined by health issues. he had a mild stroke in 2010 and was hospitalized for cancer treatment three years later. doctors gave him a clean bill of health after having a lesion removed but his cancer came back, he was admitted to the walter reid hospital earlier this month. >> we also think he he leaves a powerful legacy about being a good guy in politics, about you know, being respectful to everybody. never, never demeaning people. >> reporter: ape, governor markell ordered state flags fly at half staff out of respect and mourning. now back to you. all right thanks very
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much dave. president barack obama ace he and first lady are grieving alongside biden family. president and mrs. obama visited the biden's this afternoon. it is second time that the vice-president, has lost a child. his first wife and daughter died in the car crash in 1972, beau and his brother hunter were seriously injured. coming up later in the newscast biden's church family remembers beau, and incredible devotion to his family and we have continuing coverage on my fox philly to the come. you'll fine statements from politicians and others who knew beau, just look for the the story on the home page. senate convenes for rare sunday session midnight contested anti terror measure is set to expire. intelligence officials warning that this would be a win for terrorists, and the senators have only one option to keep the counter terrorism alive and they have to agree to a house passed bill. that bill remakes a phone record collection program and they have not voted yet. we will keep an eye and bring you details as soon as we get
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them. secretary of state john kerry heading back from the you had today after breaking his leg overseas. this happened near geneva switzerland. kerry broke his leg in the bike accident, and state department spokesmen says that the doctors recommended the special flight because they want to make sure that the secretary of state quote remained comfortable and stable as he helped to massachusetts general hospital. kerry ran into a curve while cycling, the accident forced kerr toy call an early end to a four nation trip that included an international conference on combating isis. funeral arrangements for a new jersey state trooper kill in the crash in monmouth county. officials say 24 year-old state trooper anthony raspa died when his cruiser hit a deer and slammed in the true. it happened early yesterday morning at interstate 915. that is in freehold. trooper and passenger is recovering from minor injuries but raspa's family said he took great pride in his work and he had a passion for it. a woman and child are both in the hospital tonight after a crash in west philadelphia.
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it happened just past midnight, near intersection of the girard avenue and 40th street. very sketchy information here but what we know is that the the car somehow slipped as you can see from the video right now and police are trying to figure out what happen. shots erupt again in the philadelphia neighborhood, and now tonight a teenage girl from kensington is fighting for her life. late friday night on the 3500 block of felt on street, the the three-year old girl was sitting on a stoop with one other teens. police say that is when two other men ran down the the street firing. investigators believe they do not, they did not intend to shoot the girl and tonight they are still looking for those men. deaf taited flood still causing problems in texas with even more residents being told to leave people, living on the river in rosenberg texas were told to get out. mandatory evacuations have been issued as river levels continue to rise officials say that the river could crest as early as tomorrow, residents have listened to the
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warnings. >> well, i want to be normal again. you know i wanted just to be fine. >> officials say the weather is expected to crest at 50 feet just shy off the record 50.3 feet reached back in 1994. take a look at this video from liberty county, texas. cattle crossing trinity river cowboys on horse back and using a whoever craft hearding cattle to get them to the higher ground this morning. a crane accident in new york city send equipment flying 28 stories to the ground. ten people hit by falling debris had to be sent to the hospital. now officials are trying to figure out how the whole thing happen. fox's brian yenis has details from mid in town man haddon. >> a dangerous situation in the skies above manhattan as a crane malfunctions while carrying a large air conditioning unit. officials say workers were trying to hoist unit through a hole of the 30th floor of the
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high rise building but missed its target shattering part of the building. the the accident sent debris and broken glass raining down on the street, cars and people below. >> we're talking about steel frame, we're talking about plastics, and glass fiberglass curtain walls attached to the steel frame. that is what you are seeing on the street. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill deblasio say rescue crews sprung into action right away. >> as usual, we are blessed in this city to have extraordinary response and fast response from our first responders and situation stabilized. >> reporter: immediate area was blocked off in the aftermath of the accident and crews have been slowly opening up nearby streets throughout the day as they are deem safe. >> it is our hope that we will work very hard to have madison avenue in front of the site opened up by the morning rush hour, but that still remains to be seen depending on the results pending from the
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investigation and the work that has to be done to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: blair deblasio says a full investigation will be conduct to find out what caused this to happen, and to try to prevent anything like this from happening again. in new york, brian yenis, "fox news". still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, devon still asking for prayers for his daughter new challenge in her fight against cancer. enrique starts to bleed on stage, what happens right in the middle of the show that left him badly injured hour. just when you thought phillies had been at their worst, they reached are a new low. how is the health of the eagles quarterback sam bradford? that is all coming up in sports.
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nfl defensive tackle devon still is asking for prayers for his daughter lea who is battling cancer. he says five-year old has had a setback, still posted this picture to instagram. his account late friday saying we hit a pretty serious complication from the stem cell transplant. he said quote they caught it early so hopefully it gives doctors a better chance of stopping it from getting a aggressive. as you can imagine our mind are all over the place and we're going to try to remain positive. doctors diagnosed lea with cancer last year. she was in remission in april. she began her stem cell transplant at chop earlier this month. before the six week procedure that aims to rid her body of any cancer cells her fight grabbed national attention when cincinnati bengals cut still from the team but then
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resigned him so he could pay for her treatment. still is from wilmington and went to penn state. we have incredible news for elizabeth smart she is, a mom. a homeless man kidnaped smart from her utah home at just 14 years sold. she now works as an activist for missing children. smart's father says she gave birth to a little girl in february but wanted to keep it the private for a while. understandable. he says mom and baby are just doing great. special mass in one bucks county church today. saint bebe is celebrating its 50th anniversary. the current former pastors came back to celebrate the milestone. five priests have served as pastor of the church since it opened backup in 1965. to get back to the weekend of the jersey shore? you may have been sharing what ther with mary lee. >> who is mary lee?
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she is a 16-foot great white shark, and according to oresearch a non-profit that tracks great whites, mary lee has gone to avalon. the its web site tracks its path in the past couple months. she has been checking out our area. she has a tracker and pinged off the delaware, delaware bay and now off the coast of the new jersey shore again. she spent time in the water off of wildwood earlier this month. a mother in minneapolis demanding answers after her six year-old daughter is put on the wrong bus not once, but twice. >> can you imagine that happening. >> yes because you just trust the bus to get your kids to school, put them on the bus and say okay we're all good because it goes straight there and then what happens. >> exactly. >> it is just scary stuff. and fox's iris barrett explains how this all could happen. >> reporter: mckenzie says there is nothing bank croft he will in meantry leaders can make it up to her. they put her daughter in danger this week and less than six months ago after reassuring her it would never
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happen again. >> someone could have been sitting right there and my baby could have got out the bus, no parent around, oh, she's gone. then what would have happened to me. >> reporter: she's fed up, she said her six year-old daughter was traumatized not once but twice after she was put on the wrong school bus from bank croft elementary. >> she's supposed to get off and on the bus to go to the day care. >> reporter: her bus driver left her at 37th and smelly. instead at sunshine industry child development center. oblivious she picked her up from day care. >> i said where is she. >> reporter: she walked across the street and through an alley alone. >> a partner right there this is constant people in and out of that apartment building. i don't know if they would have seen my baby by myself. >> reporter: she was in tears. >> i heard something yelling. i want my mommy i want my mommy. >> reporter: fortunately, back
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in december when it happened, the first time, neighbors heard her cry. >> when i got up, i looked up the window and i said, not again. >> how do you do this twice in a row? it doesn't sit well with me. i have a five-year old getting ready to start king garden here in september. >> reporter: the day care, rushed to bankcroft, the explanation. >> it is no big deal. it happens all the time. the it happens all the time. owe that means something needs to be done bit. that is how i feel. >> reporter: now that losing hold of her hand is that much more difficult for sierra to do she's pulled her daughter from bankcroft for good. >> if my daughter is gone, for the rest of my life, there is no way you can bring her back. >> that was iris perez reporting. school refusing to comment citing student privacy laws. they take student safety very seriously. her mom still has not received an apology. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 tonight, trapped in a tight spot race to rescue a woman stuck in the chimney.
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you know you cannot do a lot without a passport and hard to keep them, because they are all different. the completely different. some high school students, however came up with a new app their incredibly cool invention straight ahead.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history.
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plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. fire fighters in los angeles respond to an unusual call yesterday a woman got
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stuck in the chimney of a middle school. officials say woman was stuck for a couple hours before someone heard her calling for help. it took crews 90 minutes to rescue would the man. by pulling her up to the top. we don't necessity how she ended up the in the chimney in the first place. >> that is always the question, isn't it. >> exactly. man's attempt to catch a fish with his hand goes horribly wrong. >> officials is a very sword fish he was trying to catch impaled and killed him it happened on friday off big island of hawaii. authorities say for whatever reason the 47 year-old man jumped off a pier to try to get that fish right there. the long fish was 3-foot bill, impaled the man in the chest. yes, he died. experts say sword fish are not aggressive towards people but they can be dangerous especially when someone is trying to kill them. >> very, very solid object, and sometimes, three or 4 feet long. pointed at one end and propelled it straight. they are one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean.
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they could easily, easily speaker a human. >> we have no idea what compelled the man to jump in the water. the fish wade about 40-pound. down trees power outages and trail of debris a lot of cleaning up to do in indiana. powerful storms battering the central part of the state yesterday. this southeastern side of the indianapolis took hardest hit, homes, garages were damaged and storms even tossed vehicles around. >> they dropped the house on top of the other one. took half of the tree, my house, my neighbor's pool is gone. and the tree is all over the place around here. it was just a mess. >> a woman and two toddlers had to be rescued from their car after it stalled in high water, thankfully, no one was seriously injured. adding hip-hop to your class schedule these students are learning way more than just dance moves from old school brake dancers. the performance that has brought a packed house to its feet.
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and hooters waitress stops to save a customer's life why she did it, coming up dave. national weather service just expanded the flash flood watch, now including berks county lehigh county upper bucks county. this trend may continue with that rain moving in. i'll show you when you can expect to see the heaviest rain in the forecast. coming up.
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♪ >> delaware church congregation that knows the biden family very well is grieving the the loss of 46 year-old beau biden. he died yesterday, a brain cancer. the state of the delaware just shaken by this loss. former attorney general was incredibly well respected and incredibly well like in the first state. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke to those who knew him this morning. >> it is just hard. >> forty-six is awfully young. it is just terrible. >> a tragedy. >> reporter: prayers and thoughts of remembrance for beau biden and his family parish in greenville, delaware. church goers at st. joseph on
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the brandywine knew the former state attorney general since he was a boy. they are reeling at his sudden death from brain cancer. >> it is just incredibly sad. he was the nicest person. just again wine. he truly cared about everybody >> people have so much to give, and they are cut off in the prime of their life. >> reporter: monsignor joseph redmond says beau his wife and two young children were dedicated members of the congregation. he says the vice-president's son attended mass, until his illness worsened. >> as he started to deteriorate which we only know now but you could see coming to church he would have trouble walking and so when the folks were come to him he was staggered but that was, just because of the illness you know. >> he was just a guy who was very understanding. he took the time to listen. he acted on what he truly believed in.
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>> reporter: biden's are tightly woven to the fabric with the state. the lines blurred between family friend and political allies. many remember 1972 car crash that killed beau's mother and sister. like many in the state's democratic establishment new counts the will county executive thomas gordon knows beau and his father vice-president joe biden. he cannot imagine the pain. >> what can you say, i know how close he was with his son. >> reporter: we're told the biden family hopes to have the burial here at church cemetery long side his grandparent late mother and late sister n greenville delaware sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. we have continuing coverage of our web site on my fox you'll fine statement from politicians and others who knew beau just look for the store on it home page. your fox 29 weather authority right now boy do we have a lot to talk about a lot to talk about from the beginning. we have been talking about this for a few days.
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we are looking at flash flooding tonight. that will continue overnight tonight and tomorrow, along with that there is severe weather out there lets get to the radar. you can see main concern is north and western suburbs right now. what is happening here is this band of showers and strong storms, it is oriented from southwest to north east and that is pretty much how it is moving. you are getting this rain going over the same area. it has heavy rain with this batch of thunderstorms over new york. is there more coming to the lehigh valley and carbon and monroe county. this will slowly slide south. if you are in berks county, upper montgomery or bucks get ready for heavy rain. could be a strong thunderstorm as this moves through. biggest concern is you will get a lot of rain over a short period of time coming down at two to 3 inches per hour. so we already have flash flood warnings in effect, and this is right around mount pocono, little farther south we have this strong thunderstorm likely some hail there with that purple collar in the raid air and thinks north of the berks county. this will move north east. we will have more storms
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developing to the south this whole area pushes south. north and western suburbs we will see it tonight and through philadelphia tomorrow. this is a heavier rain cell, when you get this front like this you can see warm air to the south cool air to the north, and waves of low pressure moving along it. that is where we will get heavy rain talking about inches of rain but not a solid area here's first area that will affect us tonight we could get a break tomorrow, not completely rain free, but before that next wave of moisture comes in that will be tomorrow night when this is all said and done maybe three to 4 inches of rain over the entire area here's this heavier rain tonight timing is about midnight, so first of june we will start off june on a wet the note, been rather dry for month of may but here comes this rain right through philadelphia tonight maybe isolate strong gusty thunderstorm with this as it moves through but big impact is heavy rain. tries to clear out by tomorrow morning's rush hour, but not completely. that rain will move off, is there still a few showers around by the afternoon and then that next wave of moisture comes n look at how
6:33 pm
it starts to fill in but with that front pushing south now the help heavier rain is confined to south jersey and delaware. this will continue, monday night to early tuesday by tuesday, throughout the day and wednesday it is pushing to the south so we're done with the heavy rain. but then challenge is the the forecast at the high temperatures. this will be a big temperature range as that front pushes south on tuesday. much of the area could be in the 60's, maybe not even climbing in the 70's. possibly not out of the 50's in mount pocono where we're talking about 80-degree temperatures to the south. so a big change of temperatures expect and if the front does not push that far south, and easily we could see philadelphia closer to 80. right now we are looking at the in mid to upper 60's. big change from what we have right now. eighty-six 90 degrees today. so a hot muggy day this is fueling these thunderstorms overnight tonight. strong storms with heavy rain, down to 68 in the city, 66 degrees in the suburbs. maybe a little break by tomorrow morning but then we have more storms with heavier rain. that wind, goes southwest to
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north east and that is the cooler air coming in. you'll see that big temperature drop, from monday, to tuesday. and then rain and cooler weather just steady heavy rain on tuesday wednesday the the clouds will linger a bit, all of this is trying to move south but it could be a few lingering showers on wednesday, and then we will start to dry out on thursday. we have to with all of this rain coming down so on thursday and friday, sunshine. maybe a few showers coming in. just a few light showers or thunderstorms not this solid area of drenching thunderstorms by the end of the week. we will see if we can clear it out by sunday. the looks better here next weekend then what we are dealing with the next few days. >> hopefully will the drought be over. >> it is hard to say, we will see what the latest drought monitor say but this will help good thanks, dave. >> might as well get your walks in today like at fdr park in south philadelphia. the the spot to the georgia tore day. hundreds showed up for a walk to help find a cure for arthritis. the disease effect three is million people in pennsylvania alone. including more than 11,000
6:35 pm
children. arthritis foundation sponsored the walk which included, of course, four legged friend. still ahead on fox 29 news a pilot is in the air right now attempting something very dangerous. >> he is trying to fly around the world without a drop of fuel, a look at in most dangerous leg of the trip coming up next. you know, these days everything we do requires a pass word, right? we have to have a different pass word for everything that we do. thousands of pass words some high school students have come up with a way for to us keep track of all of those personal information. we have how that works straight ahead.
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heart warmer, story about a brave young lady in georgia and that is a hooters waitress who saved the life of that man her customer. maryann a heard he lost his kidneys to cancer. so she offered to donate one of hers, yes they were a match. she lost her grand mother to kidney failure and wanted to help and doctors say that surgery is a success and an amazing thing right there. but help is on the way for all of house struggle to keep track of different pass word, that is definitely me. >> me too, i had a problem last week with that. thanks to a couple high school
6:39 pm
students from new york, fox's douglass kennedy takes a look at their invention. >> reporter: seventeen year-old jim yo is a junior at staton island technical high school. he is at the top of his class in physics a subject that requires a lot of memorialization. >> you can remember formulas but like a lot of us you cannot remember your internet pass word. >> that is right, is there just too many of them. >> reporter: every day more companies turn to the internet and every day consumers are required to remember more pass words. and five years ago the average person had only eight pag words, today, it is 81. >> jimmy told his teenage friend why not turn the the table on his computer, and make his computer remember him. which is how he came up with crypta. >> it is a u.s. b that stores your pass word and then, gets any computer to recognize you through your fingerprint. >> right complete liz
6:40 pm
universal, it works on your iphone, your android your lap top. >> reporter: big problem with pass words proliferation is people often choose a similar pass word from multiple sites. meaning a hack at your health club could lead to an even bigger hack at your bank. crypta generate different pass word for every site. >> scan my finger, now we're logged in. >> reporter: according to jimmy's co inventor it keeps them complicated. >> so these are long, secure randomized pass word. >> every pass word for all of your accounts is completely individual and stored only on your device. >> reporter: crypta also uses military grade encryption and secure off line storage. unlike other on line pass word keepers with crypta you don't need to remember even one pass word. >> what we do is turn your fingerprint into your master pass word. as long as you have your fingers you are good to go. >> so many to key track of.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: if you lose your crypta just down load your pass words to a replacement. on staton island, douglass kennedy, "fox news". still ahead on fox 29. >> these students are learning more than just dance moves from old school break down just check it out here performance that brought a packed house to their feet. enriquee glaze ensconce earth hits a scary note he starts bleeding on staying what happened in the in middle of his pack show. i go layses.
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so, it is a day for one of the longest leg on the attempt to fly around the world without using any fuel? how? he is flying in the solar plane. six two-year old is flying a solar impulse two across pacific from china to hawaii, aviation experts are considering this flight, the most dangerous. >> it is so we know they won't that be good because this we can predict.
6:45 pm
we're not sure exactly how the weather will look like. so the the theme on the ground will work, and keep it in the right weather conditions. >> pilot started his journal any march after hawaii, he plans to fly to phoenix arizona. you have heard of the three, r's reading writing and arithmetic. we have four. >> you have to add in rhythm. that might add up to better grades in school. our joyce evans introduced to you professional break dancers, and the non-profit, project new teaching program. tonight she has performance that brought down the house. >> ♪ >> we're excited today to knock your socks off. literally, knock them off. >> reporter: some have the jitters. >> i'm nervous right now. >> reporter: others, full of
6:46 pm
confidence. >> ♪ >> reporter: much is riding on these performances, and then viewing them in the leadership academy charter school. in the just for the the students. >> but thinks really an exploration of the power of young people. >> reporter: teachers have something to prove too. >> people, a lot like you. >> reporter: a lot of they say from the professional hip-hop choreographessers. >> it is out of our hand and it is very scary but it is in capable hands. >> reporter: they flip the art and soul into a civil rights history lesson. >> and i'm sitting on the back seat like just get there and they get there every time. >> reporter: but is the non-profit backing this teaching alternative getting its monies worth. >> there is an incredible project, incredible partnership. >> all of the hard work that we paid off.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: well, let's go back and see just how things are working out. we met everybody here, weeks ago. steve lunger, mark wong bringing their break dancing battles off of the street, and into the classroom. >> how y'all doing are they front side or where are they. her out. >> reporter: teaching fun. also of old school hip-hop. >> don't worry about the speed we want form right now. >> tool for social change. >> one and two. >> it is all about freedom. >> everybody left hand up. >> reporter: in so many ways. >> going through that process we see shy kids coming out of their shell. >> reporter: as well as admitted classroom cut ups focus their energy. >> they help me in school tonight. i got the to focus and necessity what i'm doing. >> those are the ones that become leaders. >> reporter: eli took the lead as predicted. >> unaudible. >> reporter: as the students
6:48 pm
put on quite a show for their classmates and teachers. >> this performance was kind of a dress rehearsal. leading up to their big opening day at the philadelphia african-american museum of art. >> my most beat down, falling suffering, and better for equality. >> reporter: in front of their parents, invited guests, and museum visitors. >> ♪ >> reporter: they rocked the house with all original dance right teens. their very own poetry. >> they were okay. >> reporter: and powerful spoken word pieces. >> may third 1963, 1922 kids were arrested. >> reporter: bringing grown ups to tears. dialogue and movement, all their. >> be bold, take a chance, say
6:49 pm
hate, we dance. >> reporter: they killed it. >> it sound good. i was about to cry because i really felt the word that i said. >> reporter: her father shall be too. >> i'm so proud of my baby. >> reporter: most of all they are proud of themselves. >> so different. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> it is a way to express their fear, their hopes their desire and their rolls. >> i thought it was amazing. doing hip-hop and speaking their mind through art beautiful. >> reporter: joyce evans. >> you know what i mean. >> yeah. >> reporter: fox 29 news. >> i see you have to strike that pose do you see that. >> yes. >> there you go. >> yes, i am's glad we did that story great follow-up the kid did great. grammy winner enrique iglasias recovering after two
6:50 pm
finkers were sliced during a concert in mexico last night. the representative for iglasias said the singer grabbed a zone used to capture shots of the crowd a he cut his hand. the hero hit maker continued to sing as blood came from his singers. he was put on a plane to los angeles to see a specialist. just months after postponing her tour iggy azalea is now canceled n a tweet australia rapper confirming the news saying so sad and or toilet my fans down adding she will be back on the road when her next album is done greatest scape tour was scheduled to kick off september 18th after being pushed back because of production delays. outpouring of support for bucks county girl putting up one big fight. here it is, dozens got haircut in support of the three-year old ela deangelo, she has a rare neurological brain disorder. doctors at chop are treating her right now, and simply stunning hair studio in yardley donated a portion of the proceeds to her family and her family has a facebook page
6:51 pm
to check out where you can track how she's doing and offer her some encouraging word. >> absolutely. howard is here now with a look at sports. >> those phillies, they have reached what i think is a new low for the the season. hard to believe it has gotten this bad. and eagles quarterback sam bradford answered the question i get all the time from eagles fans, that is coming up in sports.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
well, i've gotten a few tweet from his people recently that think i'm too rough on the phillies. boy those twitter people are always in the know. are we watching the same team? the phillies have lost seven straight, and got swept by a bad colorado team. the phillies scored four runs, in the three game series. is not ryne sandberg's fault but these stretches by a team
6:54 pm
get managers fired. the lets go to the ballpark and take a look jerome williams the pitcher, second batter of the game: that is a two run home run. two to nothing colorado to start off the game two batters in the game. fifth inning the with the phillies down two-one, second base man, pj le mayhu had three hits and one a two run home run against jerome williams what is he in the rotation for. bases loaded for phillies, and look at what will happen. they will score a run right? cam report ruff strikes out darren ruf strikes out. phillies zero for 27 with runners in scoring position. and ben reveer on three pitches strikes out. you got to be kidding me. phillies lose four-one. manager was master of the obvious talking about that seventh inc. >> that bass a big moment in the game, shut down inning for them and it was our best chance of the day, so that was a disappointing half of an
6:55 pm
inning for us. other than that, i think pitchers are coming at us with strikes and, you know, we have to swing the the bats and create some offense by swinging it. >> you know, that is rocket science right there. >> eagles went through their first otas this week. i had a chance to talk to the head coach and players this week as well at mini camp. tonight on sports sunday we will talk a lot about the eagles with dave spadaro. maybe biggest question that i always get is about the eagles and about the health of the quarterback sam bradford. he did not have full participation in practice but next week chip kelly says he expects for him to be in the seven on seven drills. how does bradford feel. >> we just take it on a day to day, week to week basis continuing to push the knee doing more things, every week, and as long as it continues to respond well we will keep adding more of that. that is where we're at. i'm sure next week i will do american i did this week. big race on the the nascar
6:56 pm
circuit at dover speed way. lets get to dover delaware. in these things is there always a crash. hits this on lap 175 michael arnet makes contact bayne spins off and justin all guyer, hits the the wall in the crash. those three drivers finished last but jimmy johnson led for the last 17 laps, he wins the fedex 400. strange walk off win that wasn't. i will show you what can happen when you don't complete the play. lets go to the tait of washington, high school state championship bases loaded, and walk off walk, right. batter goes to first. is there one thing you have to do, you have to touch first base, to make it official. just like you have to touch home plate. so what happens is the umpire has to do what he has to do, calls him out. luckily that team mercer island won five innings later in extra innings.
6:57 pm
so that is a harsh lesson you have to touch the base. >> they are celebrating. >> yes. >> you have to celebrate. >> i think he will remember that one howard. all right. tonight on fox 29 news at ten community standing up in memory of one of their neighbors gunned down while walking his dog. every murder in the past 12 months has had one thing in common and they are united to stop it. what is at the the center of their fight at 10:00. we will see the incident that got philadelphia police turning over police information to the faa ahead tonight. >> that is our news for this early sunday night bob's burgers is next. >> we will see you back here at ten.
6:58 pm
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